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Urbane provides residents of multifamily housing with an in-unit virtual concierge. Urbane connects residents to exclusive building-network experiences, building news, and personal calendar.

The Urbane digital concierce on an iPad tablet.


The ultimate digital concierge

Urbane serves the multi-family housing market.


In 2014 there were over 6.6 million apartment units in buildings containing 50 or more units. Of these homes, 50% will have a smart home device inside its confines by the year 2020. Currently, the multifamily residential industry has little to no offering for in-unit concierge services.

With nationwide vacancy rates at 4.2% buildings are constantly competing for renters, often relying on the value of their services and amenities as differentiators to attract tenants.

Gold and dark colors used in the Urbane product design.
The Urbane logo references urban life and sophistication.
Icons used in Urbane are rounded and modern.
Neuron constructed the Urbane logo mark.

Secondary logo construction

Urbane typography is clean and elegant.

Scout is the main font

The Urbane dashboard on an iPad tablet.

How it Works

The Urbane system is introduced as an added amenity, or unit upgrade, to multi-family buildings. The wall mounted, tablet-based interface is located near the unit entry or similar point of convenience. Existing outlets, thermostats, or electrical switches can be used to power the tablet.


Urbane presents users with a variety of network-specific experiences, notifications, and controls. At its core, Urbane connects residents to their building, their city, and each other.

Urbane Concierge feature


Allows users to schedule services such as dog walking, child care, drycleaning, and more.

Urbane Concierge on an iPad tablet.


When residents get package delivery notifications, Urbane allows tenants to schedule package deliveries to their door or pick them up.

Urbane Deliveries feature
Urbane Deliveries feature mockup


Residents can control and program their unit's climate settings and view detailed information of their energy usage.

Urbane Thermostat feature
Urbane Thermostat feature on an iPad tablet.


A forum for the exchange of goods and services between residents such as: furniture sales, and subletting opportunities.

Urbane Marketplace feature
Urbane Marketplace feature mockup


Residents are able to view live building-amenity conditions, upcoming events or classes in these spaces, and reserve them for private use.

Urbane Amenities feature mockup on a tablet.
Urbane Amenities feature


Residents can keep up to date with the latest building and neighborhood news.

Urbane News feature
Urbane dot
Urbane dot
Urbane dot
Urbane dot
Urbane dot
Urbane News feature mockup


Residents receive notifications for exclusive events offered through the Urbane network that are focused on entertainment, fitness, and dining. Urbane provides an easy RSVP process and keeps a viewable list of event attendees.

Urbane Events feature
Urbane Events feature on a tablet
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