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Think of us as your special ops design team - tackling your most pressing UX/UI design challenges. Whether you are adding a new feature, a new product, or redesigning an existing product, we will help set you up for success.

Product Strategy is a primary service that Neuron provides their clients.

Product Strategy (SPARC)

Every UX/UI design project at Neuron begins with a phase that we call SPARC, which stands for Strategic Planning, Audit, and Research Compilation. SPARC consists of a comprehensive discovery phase to uncover your business needs and product requirements, followed by a strategy phase where we make sense of our findings from discovery, define and scope the features, and develop a plan for execution.

An example of a UX/UI Audit with recommendations.
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A diagram of a UX/UI cardsorting activity.

Strategic Planning, Audit, and Research Compilation

Learn more about SPARC, our proven process for product strategy.

UX/UI Design is a primary service that Neuron provides their clients.

UX/UI Design

The Design phase is an iterative process that begins with low-fidelity design options and ends with pixel-perfect mock-ups, ready for development.

Neuron creates prototypes as a service to their clients.


Prototypes are an important stepping stone between a concept and a market-ready product. Prototypes allow you to see and feel how the product functions before you actually build it. Whether you want to test your idea with users or pitch it to investors, prototypes are an incredibly valuable tool.

Creating Design Systems is a primary service that Neuron provides their clients.

Design Systems

Design systems catalog all the common design elements used in the interface, from color and text styles to repeated UI components. This helps streamline development and serves as a source of truth to ensure consistency as your product is updated and expanded in the future.

Example of a UX/UI Design System created by Neuron
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Industry Expertise

We specialize in designing B2B workplace products

Our focus is world-class business and enterprise tools aimed at increasing productivity, sales, and intelligence, across a wide range of industries.

Sales Software

UX/UI Design of Sales Software icon

Sales teams can’t afford to lose a sale due to clunky, unintuitive tools. From CRMs to CPQs to sales team management tools, we design software that gives sales teams superpowers.

HR Software

UX/UI Design of HR Software icon

People are every business’s most valuable asset, and we design software to help businesses manage and grow their assets with productivity and management tools for HR teams and employees.

Management Software

UX/UI Design of Management Software icon

Well-designed management software should do more than just analytics and reporting, it should provide actionable insights to help streamline decision-making. Efficiency and ease-of-use are paramount!

Healthcare Software

UX/UI Design of Healthcare Software icon

Good UX is critical in a healthcare setting. We work with healthcare innovators to elevate the impact of their tools and help deliver better care to their customers and patients.

Financial Software

UX/UI Design of Financial Software icon

From FinTech startups to established institutions, we work with clients to make their financial software intuitive, accessible, and even enjoyable!

Logistics Software

UX/UI Design of Logistics Software icon

We love designing tools to help businesses simplify the complex and streamline processes!

UI graph, card, and button elements of the Jobble web app product interface

Neuron seemed to have the magic blend between operating strategically and executing tactically.

Having a partner that could collaborate with our team was very important because we needed to move quickly and take advantage of the market opportunity.

Ultimately, the project was incredibly rewarding; the product we have today wouldn’t have been possible without their involvement. They pushed us to think about some of our harder problems in new ways, which ultimately led us to be in a much better place.


Chris Glew, VP of Product Engineering, Jobble

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