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DesignOps Workshop

Sync your design system and code. Indefinitely.

Schedule a DesignOps workshop to learn how to automate your product design and development process.

60-minute workshops

Diagram - Bridge the Gap Between Design and Dev

Bridge the gap between design and development.

Diagram - Maintain Consistency

Maintain consistency

Create a bridge between design and development to ensure alignment between platforms.

Diagram - Streamline Deployment

Streamline deployment

Mitigate misalignment and accelerate time-to-market with one source of truth for design and development.

Diagram - Futureproof Expansions

Future-proof expansions

Scale and safeguard your design process with automatic style updates and layers for seamless changes.

What can you expect from the workshop?

Every workshop is tailored to fit your company's unique DesignOps needs. To help get you on the right path, we'll cover the five pillars that we believe are the foundation for bridging the gap between design and development.

Icon - DesignOps - Production Management

Production Management

Managing files across a large-scale design system can be chaotic. Our workshop will help you implement a structured organization system, ensuring accessibility and operational ease.

Icon - DesignOps - Design Workflows

Design Workflows

Create synchronicity between designs and your design system for consistent outputs across projects. We will help you establish workflows to maintain coherence and streamline your design process.

Icon - DesignOps - Project Automations

Project Automations

Say goodbye to manual tasks. We will introduce automations to enhance efficiency, making future modifications and expansions effortless.

Icon - DesignOps - Interactive Components

Interactive Components

Transform static designs into dynamic components. Learn how to elevate your design process to facilitate better visualization, testing, and collaboration within your team.

Icon - DesignOps - Source-Code

Source Code

Establish ownership and protect against unauthorized changes with comprehensive source documentation. Our workshop will help you set up layers of protection over your design assets.

The next-gen DesignOps that Enterprise teams demand

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Partnering with Neuron to level up our DesignOps has been invaluable.
Through their support, we've successfully implemented a next-gen design system that has enabled us to scale efficiency and streamline the workflow between design and engineering.

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Daniel Spirn

Global Head of User Experience and Conversational AI Design

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Is this workshop for you?

Come as you are

If you're just starting out or fine-tuning an existing design system, we can work together to transform your vision into a reality.

Adapted to your needs

Whether you're looking for a brief introduction or a comprehensive demo, we will curate a DesignOps journey that fits your needs.

It's a team project, not a lecture

Our workshop is a dynamic working session where we exchange insights. We bring new perspectives, and you might do the same. Let's learn from each other to create a better workflow.

Photo of Neuron team collaborating

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Level up your DesignOps with a 60-minute workshop

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