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A speculative design for the first user interface for passenger interaction with an autonomous ride-sharing service.



Designing the future of transportation

Wheel logo


Wheel does not intend to enter the automotive manufacturing business. Instead, it will leverage its relationships with companies like General Motors, which recently purchased Cruise Automation, an autonomous driving technology company.


Potential competitors for Wheel are companies with direct lines to automobile manufacturers which currently accomodate large fleets of vehicles.

A car automatically sensing other cars, pedestrians and cyclists
A car sensing a parking spot it is going to back in to

Target User

The target user for subsidized autonomous vehicles are those who currently ride-share for the convenience and economic benefits.

Persona example for the Wheel app project
Image Showing Start Point and End Point for Wheel App


Wheel will allow users to arrange and pay for a ride in a Wheel-owned autonomous vehicle. 

An efficient, intuitive, and emotive interface will build trust between users and this new service. 

Wheel will provide users with trip information, identity verification, comfort controls, the ability to make an emergency stop, and allow children to check-in with parents.

wheel_phone screens.png

Look & Feel

With the metaphor of a steering wheel, the Wheel app becomes instantly associated with user control.


As drivers become obsolete, the user feels a sense of comfort and power, and the app becomes their means of getting to their destination.

Steering wheel, taxi front light and subway station
Dashboard gauge created for the Wheel app project
Wheel App User Image
Colors used for the Wheel app project
Icons used for the Wheel app project
wheel_logo construction.png

How it Works

Users can input their drop-off location and input a pickup location based on their geographic location. An autonomous vehicle in their area will be routed in their direction for pick up. 

With an express pass, up to 6 riders are able to ride in the vehicle, and the route uses an algorithm to get everyone to their destination fastest.

With a premium membership, users can have a private vehicle, add multiple destinations, change their route at any time, as well as get personalized suggestions for services in their proximity.

Examples of the screens in the Wheel app

Revolving around you.

Wheel logo
Wheel App Mockup in real life application

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