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Marketplace for fractionalized real estate

Realbricks is on a mission to make real estate investing accessible to all. Our team partnered with Realbricks to design a user-friendly web and native mobile application tailored for retail investors to purchase shares of valuable property assets.

Additionally, we helped shape their branding and successfully launch their innovative platform with a new marketing website.


Brick by brick approach

The world of real estate investing is opening up to a new group of enthusiasts thanks to the innovative concept of fractionalized property ownership. Realbricks sought out help to navigate the modern UX challenges that come with this exciting shift.

Branding and visual language

Marketing website

Property marketplace

Trading operations

Portfolio and asset management

Building a brand

When we began collaborating with the clients, they did not have a name, logo, or color palette. Our first responsibility was to discover these key branding elements that would best represent the mission of the overall project.

Our brand-building methodology kicked off by identifying core emotions and sentiments we aimed to convey through the visual language.




Logotype with mark

Addressing user needs

New investors will gravitate toward fractionalized real estate because it alleviates the need for significant upfront capital to invest. It allows them to participate in a once-secluded asset class.

This is why we project that the primary user group of Realbricks will be young novice investors. We factored in this important detail when designing every element of the Realbricks platform.

Embracing education

Throughout the platform, we looked for every opportunity to help educate our young audience about investing, real estate terminology, and the scope of Realbricks.

Simplifying user verification

The heart of the Realbricks platform is the Marketplace, where users buy, sell, and participate in initial property offerings. Many trading platforms use outdated techniques to present investment opportunities to their users. In an effort to make “picking stocks” accessible to the retail investor, the interface was designed to be reminiscent kof familiar e-commerce websites.

User-centric trading

Throughout the platform, we looked for every opportunity to help educate our young audience about investing, real estate terminology, and the scope of Realbricks.

Property Marketplace

Digestible information

Presenting property information concisely and engagingly is essential for easy adoption. To achieve this, we meticulously considered the information layout, focusing on the most relevant details users need when deciding on an investment property.


Our aim was to create an intuitive page design, prioritizing simplicity without overwhelming investors with complex content.

Property Listing

Property Listing

Market performance tracking

Realbricks-Market Performance Details.png

Trading Interface

Effortless ordering

For many novice investors, traditional trading experiences can feel daunting. We wanted to ensure users feel empowered rather than nervous when placing orders. Our solution focusses on a minimal and straightforward ordering flow, minimizing errors and boosting confidence.

For on-the-go investing, the native mobile app incorporates swipe gestures for easy order completion, similar to other popular stock trading apps that cater to a younger, tech-savvy demographic.

Investment Portfolio

Straightforward asset management

The portfolio page serves as a hub for users to manage their investments. We aimed to preserve a sense of simplicity and user-friendliness by structuring elements in a hierarchy that emphasizes the most relevant data points for the Realbricks audience.


Investing in a user-friendly experience for all

Our collaborative partnership with Realbricks has gone through the entire product development cycle, from early stages of branding to a live platform in the matter of 7 months. Our ongoing efforts will continue as we continually release new phases, driven by innovative ideas that consistently align with Realbrick’s initial mission of democratizing real estate investing for everyone.

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