Repositioning the leading software school for women

Hackbright Academy is the leading software engineering school for women. Their target market is women who are interested in pursuing a career in computer science or web development. Through education, mentorship, and a strong alumnae network, Hackbright Academy is working hard to narrow the gender gap that currently exists in the computer science industry.


Our goal was to give Hackbright Academy an edge in an increasingly competitive market by providing a modern brand redesign, a fresh logo, and an updated marketing website.

Website Design

By consolidating the navigation and strategically layering the information beneath, the redesigned marketing site more effectively engages prospective students at all stages of the sales funnel.

Throughout the site, animations and interactive elements, such as a coding aptitude quiz, create an enjoyable and memorable experience for users.

Logo Refresh

Neuron gave the Hackbright Academy logo a distinctive, versatile, and recognizable update.

A fresh take on the Hackbright shield combines 3 elements that are vital to the brand message: Education, Community, Results

Look & Feel

The design language is modern and bold, featuring vivid colors on a white canvas.

The Hackbright Woman

Neuron designed a series of avatars to represent the Hackbright Woman. These avatars represent the wide array of inspiring students, alumni, and faculty that make up the Hackbright community.

She is able to command a software engineering position typically held by someone with a computer science degree. She is able to do this thanks to the dedicated support network that Hackbright Academy provides.


An updated brand guide was developed by Neuron for Hackbright Academy to help the school achieve a consistent brand look. This will ensure brand recognition and effective marketing as they adopt a new logo.

Hackbright Academy branding on a tote bag

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