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Web3 Social Media for the Creator Economy

Geojam is a social media mobile application for the future of the creator economy. Our team worked with Geojam to redesign their iOS and Android mobile applications, and web app management tools to reimagine their product and revamp their business.


We also helped Geojam transition to a decentralized rewards and token system, supported by the release of their new $JAM coin.

Geojam UX UI Design Community Mockup

In searching for a design partner, Geojam sought an embedded team that could work with their executives to reposition their business and overhaul their product. They were in need of a vendor to dive into the market and competitive landscape, uncover new opportunities through user research, develop the new product’s roadmap, and support them throughout their growth.

Scope of Work

Ellipse gradient

UX strategy

Mobile application design

Multi-vendor marketplace

Token launch and staking platform

Geojam UX UI Design Poll Mockup

Business Goals

Our goal was to position the Geojam app as the ultimate place for fans and Creators to come together, closer than they’ve ever been before.

To achieve this, the product gives fans access to ‘Communities’ of like-minded individuals that encourage creativity, experimentation, and communication with, and around, their favorite Creators. Communities give fans a place to celebrate their shared interests, while simultaneously engaging with, and helping their favorite Creators.

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Increase engagement

All users are able to post photos, videos, polls, competitions, or proposals in Communities and earn rewards based on recognition and appreciation from others.

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Natural content creation

Users are able to publish five different types of posts, including competitions with rewards, but all can be completed within four steps or less.

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Embrace fandom

Allow all users to create within Communities instead of in individual feeds or profiles to further coalesce around shared fandom.

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New two-sided marketplace

Any Fan or Creator can offer merchandise, curated experiences, and digital goods for sale in Geojam’s Jam Shop via a custom peer-to-peer marketplace.

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Empower the creator economy

Anyone on Geojam can be a Creator and earn directly from the content they publish on the app. Similar to Twitch, any user can voluntarily support another monetarily.

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Putting Creators in touch with their audience

The advent of the digital environment in the music industry has led to an explosion of consumer interaction; music actors have become deeply dependent on encouraging engagement with audiences and fans through this medium. Often, the goal is to induce fans to act in accordance with a marketing strategy and work within a campaign both as individuals and as a group.

However, there is a lack of awareness into the music fans’ perspective of being a part of a fan-community, and a subsequent gap in giving fans the agency to make their collective desires heard. Geojam fills this void and lets Creators connect more deeply by putting their finger on the pulse of their audience.

Geojam UX UI Design Crypto NFT
Geojam UX UI Design Community Posts Content

Communities give fans exclusive access to their favorite Creators through digital access tokens. There is a limited number of tokens available for each community and fans are able to sell or trade their tokens to others.


Both Creators and fans earn $JAM through competitions, proposals, gifts and rewards. $JAM can then be redeemed to participate in various challenges or for digital goods such as NFTs, music, graphics, or even redeemed for real world experiences.

The $JAM ecosystem and digital goods

Peer-to-peer marketplace

Digital access tokens

Real-world redeemable NFTs

Automatic wallet creation

Geojam UX UI Design Feed
Gradient multicolored background.png
UX UI Send Gift
UX UI Create Access Badge
UX UI New Items in Jam Shop
UX UI Jam Shop
Geojam user interface

Iterative design and changing needs

Priorities inevitably shift when building new products and features. In working as an embedded team, Neuron was able to give Geojam the flexibility required to work in an agile fashion and meet their changing needs.

This meant repeatedly exploring and testing key aspects of the application such as: user-generated content, content creation, and content presentation in order to go to market with the best solution. Simultaneously, we were able to keep the iterative design process moving forward for the remainder of the features and meet our deadlines.

UX UI Wireframes and flows
Geojam UX UI Design Fan Proposal Accepted by Creator

Fan and Creator Proposals

Geojam Proposals are for both Creator- and Fan-generated initiatives to propose new features, as well as requests for Creator content and opportunities.

Through Proposals, a community of fans can make requests of Creators, whether it’s a nearby show, a collaboration, or a music video. Proposals are supported monetarily in the form of staked $JAM value.

If the proposal is accepted by the Creator, they have a certain time period to accomplish the task and provide proof of completion.

Geojam UX UI Design Fan Proposal

The 5 different post types can be in one of 17 different states at any given time as they develop over time. Despite this, each states is presented within the same overall architecture while interactions occur in similar locations within the UI.

Post variations

Geojam UX UI Make a Proposal

Make a proposal

Create a poll

Start a competition

Call on your fans for submissions

Share what's on your mind


Consistent design for dynamic posts

Social content on Geojam comprises 5 types of posts. Content in all posts evolves overtime as a continued dialog between Fans and Creators leads to responsorial comments, photos, videos, and re-posts. The evolution and continued engagement between Fans and Creators encourages post creation. The creation of — and engagement with — posts is furthered by a rewards system that awards fans with JAM Shop merchandise, NFTs, access badges, and real world experiences.

Geojam UX UI Design - Dynamic Posts
Geojam UX UI Design - Post Poll Proof Accepted
Geojam UX UI Design - Post Poll Votes
Geojam UX UI Design - Post Poll
Geojam UX UI Design - Post Poll with Percentages
Geojam UX UI Design - Community Activity
Geojam UX UI Design - Challenge Winner
Geojam UX UI Design - For You Page
Geojam UX UI Design - Browse Community Activity
Geojam UX UI Design - Poll Results


Over the course of 8 months, our collaborative engagement with Geojam yielded an updated brand system, the launch of a new marketing site and token sale platform, a new design system, and developer-ready designs. The new Geojam app will now be released in phases starting with an MVP and iterating towards the full-feature experience.


Most importantly, Geojam now has a clear north star as a business – one that they can champion going forward and pursue the right initiatives.

Fast Company Recognition Most Innovative Companies Award
Geojam UX UI Design - Client Testimonial
Geojam Client
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