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Improving the connected device experience

With SmartRG, a router is more than simply a utilitarian device. By providing the user with information and affordances they desire without the need to contact the service provider’s team, operational costs are minimized, and users are happier and more engaged.

The SmartRG mobile app home screen developed as a part of the UX design project
SmartRG mobile app first screen designed for simple intuitite UX
SmartRG Logo

SmartRG listened to its current and prospective users, who shared the frustating experience of trying to reset their router, change their password, and gain control or insight over the devices connected to their network.

Neuron sought to simplify this process with a branded, user-friendly mobile application.


Following our collaboration, SmartRG was acquired by ADTRAN, Inc (NASDAQ: ADTN). Our team is grateful to have contributed to their mission of simplifying the complex internet ecosystem.

Persona "Jack" developed as part of the SmartRG mobile app UI UX design project
SmartRG mobile app interaction graphic

SmartRG provides a layered experience for consumer, prosumer, and enthusiast. With SmartRG you can:


• Manage your wifi networks

• Check your internet speed and connection

• Reboot your router remotely

• View your network password

• View devices on your network

SmartRG mobile app setup screen an example of Neuron's UX capabilities
Reboot button for the SmartRG mobile app UI UX design project
Example of UI UX design for testing your internet speed with Smart RG mobile app
SmartRG mobile app screen showing options to view the network information

Look & Feel

Using a bold color palette that compliments the green SmartRG brand color, descriptive icons, and visual balance, the SmartRG application is a joy to use.

SmartRG icons used in the UI UX app design
Roboto font selection for SmartRG Mobile App UI Design
SmartRG waves icon
SmartRG font example
SmartRG mobile app UX UI design color pallete
UX Designed Brand Icons For SmartRG App
SmartRG Logo
SmartRG mobile app dashboard

How it Works


Status gauges indicate speed and strength of connection.


View and manage network settings.


View and manage devices connected to your network.


Contains: Account, Equipment Management, Settings, Help, Legal, and other features.

Smart RG router graphic
SmartRG wifi feature Home UI UX screen
SmartRG device tab feature Home UI UX screen
UI UX Designed Account Page for SmartRG Mobile App
SmartRG device examples on a shelf

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