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Our Process

The UX Architectural Guide provides a structure to the design and development of your project. 
Think of it as your product blueprint. 
Keep reading to learn how we develop your guide from first principles.
Neuron produces UX architectural guides to document each project.

Business Case

The Business Case identifies the problem or opportunity the experience seeks to address. It examines the competitive landscape and the market, and defines the timeline and required resources.

Sample Neuron business case - a part of the UI UX design process
Sample Neuron personas  - a part of the UI UX design process


Elaborating on the market analysis of the Business Case, Personas help us to empathize, to view the world from the perspective of the target user. Personas enable the whole team to leave their own personal beliefs and biases at the door, allowing for a truer understanding of the end user.

Feature Set & Site Map

Derived from use-cases and customer journey maps, the Feature Set is key for understanding the scope of a project and ensures the desired capabilities have the affordances they require.

The Site map provides a bird’s eye view ensuring all of the major components of the user experience model are identified, and that their relationship to one another has been thought out.

Sample Neuron feature set and site map - a part of the UI UX design proces
Sample Neuron wireframes and flows - a part of the UI UX design process

State Screens
& Flows

State-screens and Flows define the specific layout of key pages and the detailed step-by-step interaction a user has with a system to complete a particular goal or task.

Visual Design

Visual design is used to enhance the content and how it functions, while defining a brands unique style and voice. Design fundamentals like color theory and typography contribute to the look, feel and tone of the final product.

Sample Neuron visual design and graphics - a part of the UI UX design process
Sample Neuron prototype screens
Sample Neuron prototype mockup - part of the UI UX design process

Prototypes & Usability Testing

Prototypes bring products to life, allowing a glimpse into how the end product will look and function. Combined with usability testing, prototypes provide great insight as to whether the goal has been met, or if more refinement is necessary.


Neuron UX/UI design client photo

"Neuron seemed to have the magic blend between operating strategically and executing tactically. They pushed us to think about our harder problems in new ways, which ultimately led us to be in a much better place."

Chris Glew / VP of Product Engineering / Jobble


In The Know Mobile App Bulletin Board - A Neuron UI UX Design Client

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