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The UX Architectural Guide
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Neuron is a San Francisco based UX/UI design agency that creates first-class digital experiences to give your business a competitive edge.

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650 California Street, Floor 7 San Francisco, CA 94108

+1 (415) 347-1985

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2.0 What we deliver

A UX Architectural Guide provides a structure to the design and development of your project.

See how great design can help you reach your business goals.

Think of it as your product blueprint. Keep reading to learn how we develop your guide from first principles.

Whether developing an MVP or adding to an existing product, we’re ready to help.

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3.0 Our Work



Urbane provides residents of multifamily housing with an in-unit virtual concierge. Urbane connects residents to exclusive building-network experiences, building news, and personal calendar.

In 2014 there were 6,678,112 apartment units in buildings containing 50 or more units. Of these homes, 50 percent will have a smart home device inside its confines by the year 2020. Currently, the multifamily residential industry has little to no offering for in-unit concierge services. With nationwide vacancy rates at 4.2 percent buildings are constantly competing for renters, often relying on the value of their services and amenities as differentiators to attract tenants.

The Urbane system is introduced as an added amenity, or unit upgrade, to multi-family buildings. The wall mounted, tablet-based interface is located near the unit entry or similar point of convenience. Existing outlets, thermostats, or electrical switches can be used to power the tablet. Urbane presents users with a variety of network-specific experiences, notifications, and controls. At its core, Urbane connects residents to their building, their city, and each other.

3.0 vivint

key design decisions

trophy classes

Real-time updates of how everyone’s doing on any given day would help management understand when our Sales Pros need motivation, and how to incentivize them to convert.

A heavily gamified portal for Vivint that helps to drive sales; providing a fun, openly competitive virtual space for sales professionals, while providing managers with insight into their activities and progress.

The Portal employs game mechanics to an activity where they would normally not appear, making the daily grind of fielding sales calls more exciting and dynamic. When designing the Vivint League Portal, we considered the gamification of work theory, primarily Yu-Kai Chou’s Octalysis.

3.0 Hackbright

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The Engineering School for Women

The website

I want to thank you so much for doing such an awesome and totally stunning job on designing our beautiful new website. It is amazing and we can't wait to share it with the world!

A custom look and feel elevates the Hackbright Academy brand, helping to differentiate their women-only bootcamp. Interactive elements and in-depth information about the school’s offerings create a memorable experience for anyone visiting the website.

lori chee

3.0 continuum

The Gym Experience, Personalized



I was spending more time researching workouts than actually exercising.

Continuum serves as members ‘key to the gym’, including member check-in, equipment reservation, pre-workout planning, and post-workout tracking, as well as a means of communication with the in-house trainers.

Hovering over an equipment icon reveals additional data including the machine name, iconography, online status, date of purchase, and usage information.


3.0 Vytl

VYTL is the first social fitness app that features content made entirely by its users. With VYTL users record, upload, and share their favorite workouts with their friends and followers. Once they have recorded a workout, they are able to add a custom soundtrack by adding their own Spotify playlist to help motivate the viewer.Neuron was brought in during the early stages of concept development, helping to define the value proposition, features, and interaction model. Neuron was also responsible for the full design and front-end development.

3.0 wheels

The first user interface for passenger interaction with an autonomous ride-sharing service.

Revolving around you.

Between juggling work and my son, I’m constantly driving from one side of the city to another. Unfortunately, I can’t afford a special car service.

Please note, this is a speculative project created by our design team at Neuron.


3.0 smart_rg

It’d be great if I could simply reboot my system from anywhere in the house or backyard.

WIth Smart/RG, a router is more than simply a utilitarian device.By providing the user with information and affordances they desire without the need to contact the service provider’s team, operational costs are minimized, and users are happier and more engaged.


manage your wi-fi networkscheck your internet speed and connectionreboot your router remotelyview your network passwordview devices on your network

7.0 knowledge_big

What is Use r Experience?

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