City of Everett 

Creating a virtual City Hall experience for the residents of Everett Massachusetts

Residents of Everett Massachusetts visit City Hall to apply for permits, inquire about local programming, pay parking tickets, access public records, and more. While many of these tasks can be completed online, residents routinely choose to visit City Hall because the existing website is difficult to use and navigate.

A mobile app that brings language learning into the real world

Neuron worked with the City to improve the usability of their online presence, increase discoverability of available services, and bring the site’s design in line with contemporary principles. We produced an improved information architecture (IA), simplified navigation, a detailed design system, and a new content strategy.


Task completion is made easy by limiting the number of layers in the site’s architecture and putting key tasks directly on the surface. 


The new, WCAG AA compliant design system brings the City’s website in line with contemporary standards. In addition to guidelines for color, typography, language, and images, they now have a comprehensive component and page template library to support the site’s continued success. 

Easy transactional flows

Borrowing from practices more commonly found in e-commerce design, the site’s new transactional flows eliminate distractions and break the process up into smaller steps. The implementation of a ‘Wizard’ tool provides quick access to key tasks, creating an interaction that feels fast and familiar.


Prototypes were tested at the comparative, exploratory, assessment, and validation stages. With each round of user testing, task completion rates improved, ultimately achieving 99%+ completion. 


User can hear how to properly pronounce useful or interesting English words, with a tap.


Users can save words, phrases, and snippets of text from the scenarios to come back to.


Users can go back to saved words and phrases to help commit them to memory.

Ready to build

The new site is currently being developed by the City’s in-house team. Coding this kit of parts with the standards designed for each element will make the creation and maintenance of pages easier for the City’s development and content production teams. 

A product that will evolve with its users

An app is just one of many touchpoints and a great product is never really “done.” With the minimum viable product released and available for download, the client can focus on listening, gathering market feedback from beta users, accumulating data, and determining how to prioritize feature improvements. 

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